Thursday, December 28, 2006

Poor Little "Dude"

OK I can't say it was fun to do it but I am sure "he" will be better off this way. Today I had to take my little puppy in to get.... ummmmm.... neutered o.0 "He" was sooooo happy to come with me and go on a car ride, but little did he know I was leading him to the demise of his manhood. Gus I AM SOOOOO SORRY!!!! It's for the best though, and by that I mean it is better for me and my wife - He won't pee as much, won't grow up to be aggressive, etc etc.

Mr. O


OK waiting for my grades at the end of the semester is kind of like
waiting to open a Christmas present from my Grandma. You wait and wait
and wait until the day finally arrives to open the present. You don't
think it is going to be really cool like and IPod or something, but it
should be OK.... right?!?!?! You tingle with anticipation while you
open the paper.... WHAT IS IT WHAT IS IT?!?!?! It's.... It's....
A....... Sweater, ummmmmm with my initials... um thanks Grandma.

I didn't think I would do great in some of these classes but I knew I
would be at least average. You better believe I was worried up until
the time I saw the grades posted. Just like the sweater from grandma
the grades weren't perfect but they were nice.

Mr. O

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How Suave Are You?

Found this on a great blog (Little Miss Drinkalot) and I thought I would see what my seduction style is.

Try it out!

Mr. O

Let Me Introduce Myself

OK I have to say that I want to start a journal or something that I can put my thoughts down in. Well the thought of sitting down everyday and penning "Dear Diary.... Today I.... and I think Susie is so cute..." just doesn't excite me. So I thought to my self, "Self why don't we start an anonymous blog so everybody can read about our life. Not that our life is very exciting but it is a lot more fun than a regular journal." Here we are (and by we I mean me and myself). I can't promise that I will post everyday or that it will be exciting. *Tries to think of a reason for you to read this blog* Hmmmmm...... Maybe one day I will give away a t-shirt. WOO HOO A GIVEAWAY!!!! Maybe I won't give anything away but it will be fun nonetheless. Well I am off to eat my dinner. Signing off from the foot of the Oquirrh Mountains in Utah.

The Oquirrh Mountain Man
aka, Mr. O