Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Let Me Introduce Myself

OK I have to say that I want to start a journal or something that I can put my thoughts down in. Well the thought of sitting down everyday and penning "Dear Diary.... Today I.... and I think Susie is so cute..." just doesn't excite me. So I thought to my self, "Self why don't we start an anonymous blog so everybody can read about our life. Not that our life is very exciting but it is a lot more fun than a regular journal." Here we are (and by we I mean me and myself). I can't promise that I will post everyday or that it will be exciting. *Tries to think of a reason for you to read this blog* Hmmmmm...... Maybe one day I will give away a t-shirt. WOO HOO A GIVEAWAY!!!! Maybe I won't give anything away but it will be fun nonetheless. Well I am off to eat my dinner. Signing off from the foot of the Oquirrh Mountains in Utah.

The Oquirrh Mountain Man
aka, Mr. O

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