Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Setting a goal weight

How do you know what your goal weight should be?

Many people use the BMI to determine a healthy goal weight.BMI only seems to be logical for some people. If you weigh yourself and take your body fat percentage this will help.

Kills me to say this but my current weight is 345lbs and body fat percentage is 39.5%, which means my lean body mass is 60.5%. My lean body mass would be my muscle and bone and that would be how much I would weigh without any fat (345x60.5% = 209lbs). When I use the BMI to figure out my ideal weight it said I should be 205lbs which would put me at an extremely unhealthy weight. The BMI isn't always a good method to set a goal weight.

To set a goal weight I used a body fat percentage that is healthy. A percentage in the athletic range is what I chose 12%, and used the following calculation to determine my goal weight:

current weight x 12% = target fat + Lean body mass = goal weight

345 lbs x 12% = 41 lbs of fat

209 lbs lean body mass + 41 lbs = 250 lbs

250 lbs is a more reasonable weight for me to set as a goal. I found all this information at the following website:

Understanding Your Body Fat Percentage

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I will win

So I steped on the scale today and saw the following:

Well I went to the fitness center and figured out that my weight is 345lbs, my body fat is 39.2%, and my BMI is 42. So I am setting a goal to be healthy!!!

Mr. O (aka Fatty)

Monday, January 22, 2007

So I have been having stomach problems and I've decided to stop drinking soda... Well I might drink it some but I am trying to drink herbal tea now. I did some research and found some teas that are supposed to help with my stomach problems.


Licorice assists the healing of stomach ulcers by spreading a protective gel lining over the stomach wall, lowering acid levels, as well as easing painful spasms. Another report showed that the size of ulcers could be reduced 70- 90% in size in one month, and healing had occurred in patients who were not confined to bed, many even able to carry on working during treatment.

Edgar Cayce recommended chamomile as a tea to settle the stomach and work with the mucous membranes of the intestinal tract.

peppermint does positively affect the stomach tract and digestive process thanks to its menthol. Peppermint is regularly employed to treat digestive problems

So hopefully this will help.

Mr. O

Sunday, January 21, 2007


MAN I AM SO FAT!!! Well hopefully I will pull my head out of my ass
long enough to do something about it

Mr. O

Tired or drunk?

OK so most people have seen Paula Abdul's recent interview on TV where she was all twitchy, slurred speech, and answered questions with very odd answers. Well her people said that she was tired and was at the end of lots of appearances. Well I know what it's like to be tired... I nod off or seem really sleepy. I guess when Paula is sleepy she looks drunk. GO PAULA GO!!!

Mr. O

Friday, January 19, 2007

The puking continues...

OK so I have been sick for several more days but I am feeling better as a whole. A few different medications to help me be less nauseous etc etc... Well I still feel crappy in general but I have to just deal with it, WHAT A WUSS!!! Maybe if I puke before work I will feel better. Sigh! I am sure I am getting better but I still feel icky. I have an appointment at the doctor on Sunday so I will let her know I went to the ER and I'm feeling a bit better.

Mr. O

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Puking sucks

OK I have been having problems with my stomach. I have a Peptic Ulcer. So last night I threw up not to long before I went to work, which seems to happen every once and a while. Well this time I was throwing up blood so we thought we should go to the Doctor. Urgent Care was about to close so they told me to go to the ER. DAMN IT!!! Well we went there and after like 4 hours I had an IV where they took a bunch of blood and they stuck a tube into my stomach through my nose. They say "when it hits the back of your throat start swallowing. So as they shove it in I start to throw up again... WOO HOO. They pump water into my stomach and then pull it out to make sure there is no blood (which there wasn't). So it means that I just puked hard enough for my esophagus to rip a bit (hence the blood). They gave me meds to stop puking and sent me home.... Man I feel like crap. At least I feel better now then I did last night.

Mr. O

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Oquirrh Mountain Man.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.

Another year older. I AM SO OLD NOW!!!

For my good ol' B-day I went out to dinner with the little woman. What a wonderful woman, she went out to dinner eventhough the roads were horrible with all the snow. After I filled my belly with chineese food we went home and I sat down with a piece of birthday cheesecake and watched a movie (and by watch I mean I fell asleep). Lets just say I love Redbox.

For my birthday I got many wonderful things... WOO HOO PRESENTS!!! Some of these I got early because like me the little woman can't keep presents a secret. MUA HAHAHAHA. She got me some personalized Jones Soda, which is super cool because it had a picture of us on it and there was a special message on the back. Awwwww She is a sweety. She also got me a shirt, belt, candy, pants (NOT JUST ANY PANTS!!! Fuzzy pants... they are fleece of something but they are big and comfy Mmmmmmm). She also got me the 2nd Post Secret book. For those of you who don't know Post Secret you must check it out (Updates every Sunday).

Another wonderful B-Day!!!!

Mr. O

Ps - I turned 24

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Super Chemistry Man

So I had my first organic chemistry class and it was great... It will be hard but I am excited because I love chemistry, and so does the teacher. He almost gets giddy when he is talking about it. From hence forth Ilya will be know as Super Chemistry Man

Monday, January 8, 2007


So today is the first day of classes for the spring semester and I am
very excited, and by excited I mean concerned that if I have any
homework on the first day i might fling my self off the roof of the
highest building on campus (well not really but that would be amusing
to see). As I assumed I don't have my Genetics Lab period because it
is only the first day of classes, so I am left to blog with my 2 hour
break. *Note to self: Bring pillow to sleep in the lounge at the
student union building between classes.*

Well my first class was Principles of public speaking which doesn't
sound that interesting but I am sure it has some practical application
(I hope). Nonetheless it is a required class and I will take it and
love it so much that I won't be able to stand it. All the classes last
semester had little or no relevance what so ever, but again they were
required so i took them. The first prof was nice although she seemed
a little too enthusiastic at 7:30 am for a normal person *sigh*. She
introduces herself, and tells us to call her by her first name which I
appreciated seeing I couldn't pronounce her last name to save my life.
She went over her extremely detailed syllabus and told us what she
expects of us. Something interesting is she kept referring to us as a
community. o.0 ummmm what are you talking about lady!?!?! Not only
that, she also told us that by the end of the semester she wants us to
love each other.... YES LOVE EACH OTHER.... Love your community she
says. Hmmmmm i will work on that!

Anyway i need to find some sustenance because I am starving!

Mr. O

PS. I am sorry for eating all the Doritos. I LOVE YOU !!!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Debbie Travis would just die!

Im not sure if you even know who Debbie Travis is, but she hosts a show called Debbie Travis' Painted House. When the little woman and I moved into our new house we had the vision. We can see our things there, our paint colors, etc etc etc.... Well we finally got to the point where we wanted to paint the guestroom, aka the green room. I don't mean light green I mean really really really dark green, which is bad because the room is on the small side. Oh and I can't forget to mention that they also painted inside the closet!!! Well so we have this small room with dark walls, and I forgot to mention the carpet is also green, but this isn't the worst part. There is this large wallpaper mural on the wall. Trees and a stream and a nice blue sky with fluffy clouds. It's pretty.... IF YOU LIVE IN THE DAMN FOREST!!!! Well with a little elbow greese the wall paper came off and with 5 or 6 coats of primer we may be able to cover the green and change to a normal color.

My wife is sleeping in (which she deserves seeing she has trouble sleeping) and my plan is to finish the rest of the primer before she wakes up. Maybe she will reward me for my manly services!!! NO YOU PERVERT NOT WITH THAT... Well maybe that too but I want to go to IHOP! Mmmmmmm pancakes. Well I better get back to work. Wish me luck!

Mr. O

Runners with a death wish!

OK I think it is great that people want to get in shape and all but I
don't understand this. I was driving home from work the other morning
and almost killed a jogger (actually 3 joggers to be exact). OK I have
to say a few things in my defence. Me coming home from work is at 6:30
am because I work night shift, and it had snowed like a foot of snow.

Picture this me driving along excited to go home and relax after a
long day and there are 3 joggers, in a foot of snow, wearing ALL BLACK
(WTF), it's pitch dark, and they are running on the road (with a nice
big sidewalk near by!!!). To top it all off they were running side by
side, and this road had no shoulder or curb at all. WHY WOULD YOU DO

I know your New Years resolution is important and all but wear
something reflective, jog on the sidewalk, OR GET A DAMN

So if you are watching the news and hear about a crazy neurotic man
who killed several joggers in dressed in black, it's probably me.

Mr. O

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


As I said in my bio I am creative. I like to do crafty things, scrapbook, crochet, etc... Well I have taken up the Knift Knitter, which is a knitting loom. It's fun! So I have taken it to work and I am having fun making hats, scarves, etc. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT!

Many other men crochet and knit. It's relaxing

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Only the first day!

It was a great start to the New Year!!! Well all of it but the
puking... Now I wish I could say it was because I drank soooooo much
and I was hung over., but its worse. I have had ulcer problems in the
past and I think they must be back. I am frequently nausea, vomit, etc
etc etc. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME!!! I printed out a list of
Doctors that are in the area so I can find a family doctor and go talk
to him/her about it. They won't make it worse I'm sure. If you have
any tips let me know.... PLEASE!!!

Well its almost time for me to wake up the little woman (I work nights
so when I'm home I am up while she goes to bed) so I should go.

Mr. O

Happy New Year!!!

OK so it has been a great year..... Celebrated our first anniversary (me and the little woman), moved into a new house, school of course (not super excited for the next semester to start, and many other wonderful things. I don't know how much my wife reads my blog but I think I will say this about the year: A wonderful 365 days with the most wonderful woman in the world! Not trying to make her blush but I think she is funny, exciting, pretty, and the best person to spend time with *hands out vomit bags to the innocent by standards*. Sorry for all the sap but it needs to be said. Well this year should be a great one as long as I am with those I love!

Mr. O