Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Setting a goal weight

How do you know what your goal weight should be?

Many people use the BMI to determine a healthy goal weight.BMI only seems to be logical for some people. If you weigh yourself and take your body fat percentage this will help.

Kills me to say this but my current weight is 345lbs and body fat percentage is 39.5%, which means my lean body mass is 60.5%. My lean body mass would be my muscle and bone and that would be how much I would weigh without any fat (345x60.5% = 209lbs). When I use the BMI to figure out my ideal weight it said I should be 205lbs which would put me at an extremely unhealthy weight. The BMI isn't always a good method to set a goal weight.

To set a goal weight I used a body fat percentage that is healthy. A percentage in the athletic range is what I chose 12%, and used the following calculation to determine my goal weight:

current weight x 12% = target fat + Lean body mass = goal weight

345 lbs x 12% = 41 lbs of fat

209 lbs lean body mass + 41 lbs = 250 lbs

250 lbs is a more reasonable weight for me to set as a goal. I found all this information at the following website:

Understanding Your Body Fat Percentage

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