Friday, March 30, 2007

Evils of the World

This is my new series of posts where I will comment of the things of the world that I think are evil.

Evil of the World #1

I love my little house and I know that we were lucky finding it but I have to say that I hate the people who decorated this house before we moved in. My wife and I joke that if a house could talk that ours would say, "THANK YOU.... THANK YOU!!!"

Well we are painting yet another room and it has a wonderful race car wallpaper boarder which didn't seem that bad when we started painting. I painted primer over the wallpaper and planned to use textured paint which would cover the paper. Well I went back after putting a couple coats of primer and I could peel the primer right off.


*Takes a deep breath*

After hours of peeling and repriming it is ready to go!!! Woo Hoo

The trim is all white and tomorrow the little woman and I will paint the wall with the light yellow textured paint.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


The little woman and I were taking a break from the remodeling and we started to watch Harry Potter on TV. Well I looked online and found this quiz because I was curious which house I belong in.

I am a Hufflepuff

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

My indepth results were as follows:

Hufflepuff - 13
Ravenclaw - 12
Gryffindor - 8
Slytherin - 8

The House of Hufflepuff. Founded by Helga Hufflepuff, members of this house are hardworking, loyal, and honest.

Mr. O