Monday, May 28, 2007


I know it would make me feel cool to say that I actually fence, you
know with swords!!! Alas I am speaking of the building of a fence.
When we moved into our new house we knew that we would have to replace
the fence at some point in time. Well a time came when our
cardboard old fence would not withstand the elements, vicious
dogs next door, or my new circular saw..... MUA HAHAHA!!! We finally
finished fixing our fence today and boy are we glad. Even though the
evil dogs moved away we are still glad to have a beautiful new fence
that will keep our dogs safe in our yard.

I know that projects in our new house will never end, because there
will always be something that we will want to make our own. However
it's nice to come to the end of one of the major projects....

Well now that the long weekend is over I need another weekend *YAWN*


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

She keeps going and going

No I'm not refering to the energizer bunny's girl friend. Well I guess she could be! Ok this girl in my Human Anatomy Class will not shut up. She asks questions that have nothing to do with anything, keeps asking the same question after the professor tells her he will cover that in a moment, etc..... SHE IS SOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING! It's not like I am the only one who thinks so... When she starts to talk people in the start start to roll their eyes, giggle about her, etc. I understand that you want to learn the most you can but think before you speak, and forget the issue when the instructor tells you to wait. Anyway I need to ignore her I guess, because I want to strangle her sometimes. Oooooooh our first lab is tomorrow, maybe she will voulenteer to be a cadaver.

Mr. O

Monday, May 14, 2007

All hail the Neanderthal!

After acquiring provisions for my classes I thought I would browse the
variety of Discounted goods displayed at the University Bookstore
sidewalk sale. While looking through the hoodies, sweatshirts, shorts,
etc. I heard one of the local campus animals. These animals are found
throughout campus and they are easy to spot because they are EXTREMELY
LOUD!!! The animal I am making reference too is the Neanderthal.
Normally these animals are young males from 18-25 who thing they are
the coolest thing every. For survival they require a cell phone, a
wide variety of t-shirts with strange slogans that make no sense, and
baggy shorts that hang off their ass, which I assume is a way to
attract their female counterparts, the plastics.

These animals are only smart enough to speak a language that slightly
compares to the English language. This was demonstrated in the
following Cell phone conversation I overheard:

Neanderthal - Dude stats is wack yo...
Yea to blows DUDE!
Jus chilin' dude! checkn out the shorts
Cha the shorts are chill dude
Com on dude..... DUDE!!!!!!!!

Wow I think these Neanderthals are contagious because i felt my IQ
decrease just by hearing that conversation. They scary thing is some
of them have figured out how to register for classes.....

Mr. O

Back to the land of education

Today was my first day back at school and boy was it exciting. I sat
there staring at the Anatomy teacher while he explained the class, and
I understood every word he was saying. Well when he started to give
some examples of what we would be learning.... It was like the teacher
in Charlie Brown. "Wah wah wah wah, wo wah wah wooo." *Raises hand*
"Can you repeat that?" "Wah wah wah," says the teacher. Well I am
sure I will figure out what he is saying sooner or later.

Mr. O

Ps. Next week I will say as Haley Joel Osment did, "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE."

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Racheal Ray Sux

I have to say that I love to watch Rachael Ray's shows, and I love her
recipes... Well after watching her E True Hollywood Story I thought I
look up the Rachael Ray
website. Well let me say that she annoys me sometimes
and I don't like all of her shows (ie. Tasty Travels). I think it's
stupid that someone would watch all of her shows and read everything
about her so they could post about it all day long. I find it amusing
that some fat woman with bad taste in clothes could go on E and talk
about how annoying she is. Remember I don't like her all the time, but
I don't like lots of celebrities but I don't go on and on about it.

Maybe it's the posters of Rachael Ray Sucks not Rachael Ray that is a "Raytard."

Mr. O

Edited to say:
Misty Lane.... What kind of name is that!?!?! It sounds like the road Bordello is on, 6969 Misty Lane.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Good Ridence

The little woman and I have been out doing yard work and other things and we saw something exciting.... "THE NEIGHBOURS ARE MOVING OUT!!!" Well they are moving furnitre into vans and trailers, so we just assume they are moving. I hope so because that means they will take their EVIL fun dogs with them.

I can only hope that in the morning they will be gone.

Mr. O

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


So we found out that our wonderful neighbours are moving.... and by wonderful I mean the neighbours who have 5 vicious dogs that constantly knock boards off our fence and try to get into our yard to kill our dogs. Oh wait Im sorry they only have 3 dogs now because the biggest meanest evilest dog killed one of their other dogs so they had to put him down. BURN IN HELL I'll Miss you Odie!

Well I guess it doesn't matter anyway because we are replacing the fence. Well I guess we aren't replacing the fence but we are putting a new fence over the existing fence. The new fence will be nice, sturdy, and look awesome on aour side and the house next door will have a nasty ass fence that is made out of cardboard old wood.

Hopefully it doesn't rain too much this weekend so we will be able to finish the fence.

Mr O.