Monday, May 14, 2007

All hail the Neanderthal!

After acquiring provisions for my classes I thought I would browse the
variety of Discounted goods displayed at the University Bookstore
sidewalk sale. While looking through the hoodies, sweatshirts, shorts,
etc. I heard one of the local campus animals. These animals are found
throughout campus and they are easy to spot because they are EXTREMELY
LOUD!!! The animal I am making reference too is the Neanderthal.
Normally these animals are young males from 18-25 who thing they are
the coolest thing every. For survival they require a cell phone, a
wide variety of t-shirts with strange slogans that make no sense, and
baggy shorts that hang off their ass, which I assume is a way to
attract their female counterparts, the plastics.

These animals are only smart enough to speak a language that slightly
compares to the English language. This was demonstrated in the
following Cell phone conversation I overheard:

Neanderthal - Dude stats is wack yo...
Yea to blows DUDE!
Jus chilin' dude! checkn out the shorts
Cha the shorts are chill dude
Com on dude..... DUDE!!!!!!!!

Wow I think these Neanderthals are contagious because i felt my IQ
decrease just by hearing that conversation. They scary thing is some
of them have figured out how to register for classes.....

Mr. O

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A HAHAHAHAHA!! *snort*

DUDE!, I think you're in my class, dude.