Wednesday, May 2, 2007


So we found out that our wonderful neighbours are moving.... and by wonderful I mean the neighbours who have 5 vicious dogs that constantly knock boards off our fence and try to get into our yard to kill our dogs. Oh wait Im sorry they only have 3 dogs now because the biggest meanest evilest dog killed one of their other dogs so they had to put him down. BURN IN HELL I'll Miss you Odie!

Well I guess it doesn't matter anyway because we are replacing the fence. Well I guess we aren't replacing the fence but we are putting a new fence over the existing fence. The new fence will be nice, sturdy, and look awesome on aour side and the house next door will have a nasty ass fence that is made out of cardboard old wood.

Hopefully it doesn't rain too much this weekend so we will be able to finish the fence.

Mr O.

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