Monday, May 28, 2007


I know it would make me feel cool to say that I actually fence, you
know with swords!!! Alas I am speaking of the building of a fence.
When we moved into our new house we knew that we would have to replace
the fence at some point in time. Well a time came when our
cardboard old fence would not withstand the elements, vicious
dogs next door, or my new circular saw..... MUA HAHAHA!!! We finally
finished fixing our fence today and boy are we glad. Even though the
evil dogs moved away we are still glad to have a beautiful new fence
that will keep our dogs safe in our yard.

I know that projects in our new house will never end, because there
will always be something that we will want to make our own. However
it's nice to come to the end of one of the major projects....

Well now that the long weekend is over I need another weekend *YAWN*


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