Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The little woman has been sick. I'm not talking just a little cold I'm talking about fever of 102.5, can't breath, no energy, and actually agreed to go to the doctor. Turns out she has bronchitis and she needs to rest for a few days. I get her the antibiotics and the cough syrup and bring it home for my darling. *gives his wife the medication to help her feel better* *later that night I give her more meds so she will feel better* *next morning I give her more meds so she feels better*

After giving her the cough syrup the third time I wonder why the DR gave her so little... *reads the bottle* OH NO!!!! I thought it was two tablespoons not two teaspoons. *hangs his head* I've been giving my wife triple doses of the cough syrup WITH CODEINE!!!! Oh dear....

*picks up the phone and dials*

Me: I have a question for the pharmacist

Person: Let me get them.... *puts me on hold*

Pharmacist: This is the pharmacist

Me: My wife has a prescription for cough syrup with codeine and instead of giving her two teaspoons I've been giving her two tablespoons

Pharmacist: OH Dear! What kind of cough syrup is it?

Me: *reads the prescription* So do I need to take her to the hospital?

Pharmacist: *mumbles to himself calculating exactly how much codeine I gave her* Oh okay she will be fine... maybe a little nauseous and sleepy

Me: OH GOOD!!! *Breathes a sigh of relief*

Now that I'm not over medicating her she is feeling much better... YAY!!!!!


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