Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My minutes of fame

I discovered an awesome morning radio show a few weeks ago... The Morning Zoo

I come home and tell my wife all about them and she says she has been listening to them for years and she also thinks they are funny. She had emailed back and forth with Frankie (one of the hosts of the show) talking about a picture she had of him when they were at an N'Sync concert many years ago. The little woman said she would get a copy of the picture and send it on over. Well I thought it would be fun to make a little care package with something for each of the shows hosts. I procrastinated mailing the package because I normally am sleeping when the post office is open (I work nights), but I finally emailed the show and asked if I could drop it off Monday morning, and Frankie agreed.

Monday morning around 7am I buzz the studio from the night entrance and Dangerboy came and brought me into the studio. I thought they might bring me in so the day before I got a hair cut and made sure I had some nice clothes picked out to wear. I should also mention that they broadcast the show on The Hive TV as well so that added to my desire to look nice.

I sat there and listened to the show laughing hysterically while trying to keep quite. During one of the breaks I handed out the presents which they appreciated.

On Fridays show last week they were talking about sibling rivalry so I decided to email them with one of the many stories of my brothers cruelty towards me as a child ;) and they replied saying that they would share the story on Monday. Well on Monday as I'm sitting there watching the show I see Frankie going through a bunch emails and sharing different things. When he comes to my email he starts to read it and then puts two and two together.... When he realizes the email is from me he has me come to the mic to share my story. Lucky for me they post all of their shows online so I was able to grab the audio to share with everyone.

Mr. O


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Anonymous said...

You are famous!

*bows before the mighty Greg*