Sunday, April 27, 2008

Turn your head and meow

Saturday morning after cleaning and polishing the inside of the car the Little Woman and I set off to traumatize the little kitty once again. It was time for Stockton's booster shots. The nurse person checked him over and ummmm... stuck a.... SHE STUCK A THERMOMETER UP HIS ASS! *owwwwie* I know it's a normal part of his little check up but it's so sad to watch because his pupils dilate and he is very very very sad.

A few minutes after the nurse left she returned with the Vet who also checked him out to make sure he was doing well, which he was. They administered his booster shots and then the vet continued to fawn and oochie boo over how super cute he is.... She cuddled him and made goo goo faces at him which we also do from time to time. Now one would think that a vet does that with every animal that they see, but I think she really really liked him extra. I had brought one of our other kittens to see the same vet and she displayed some affection and fascination towards the beauty of the kitty, but not as much as she did with our handsome little Stockton man... HE IS SO DAMN CUTE!

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