Thursday, June 26, 2008

Possessed washing machine....

Woke up a little early yesterday night so I worked on some laundry and did the dishes... Before tucking the little woman into bed I stuck some more laundry into the washer. As I got ready to go to work I checked the washing machine in hopes I could stick the clothes in the dryer but they were still rinsing, which I thought was odd because I thought it would have been done by then.

After a long night at work and a quick trip to the grocery store to buy some flowers for my sweetie I came home. I walked in the back door (I do this to avoid walking through the living room which is right above the bedroom where my wife is normally still sleeping) and I hear the washer running. I think Well that is odd... I wonder what the little woman is doing up at 6:30am and what laundry she is doing... I head into the office and she is sitting there online which is what I expected, but she asks, "where did you go?" Of course I replied that I went to work but she thought that was odd seeing the washing machine running. She also could hear the puppy crying in his kennel which he will do sometimes right after we leave him to go out on errands.

I guess the ghosts of cleanliness thought that the load of laundry could us several more cycles to get throughly clean.

Mr. O

Who? What the hell?

Got home from work this morning and had an email forwarded from my blog the said the following (names have been removed to protect the... ummmm... random e mailer?):

My name is *insert name here* and i'm 25
Just moved here recently, looking to make some friends
Chat with me i got some pics, you can reply if you want

might large

Dear random person,

I am married and I don't know who you are... so.... ummmm have fun?

Mr. O

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekly Secret

Friday, June 13, 2008


I swear if my kid ever did this I would send her off to a convent!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Where's my remote control?

Laying in bed I was watching TV as my wife clutched the remote while she lay sleeping. *Thinking about how quite the TV was I try to take the remote away from the little woman* Dang it.... NO DICE.... BAH

I continue to watch TV and my wife begins to stir. HERE'S MY CHANCE! *Tries to take the remote again but she won't let go* The little woman says "No it's mine" and rolls over. Thinking that she is awake I rub her back a bit and ask if I can have the remote and she kind of grumbles as I realize I'm the only one who was really awake...

Mr. O

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekly Secret from

Wow... I.... I.... I don't even know what to say

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Exposing my balls at wally world

After a long night at work I was excited to head home for a weekend with the little woman. After collected the groceries and sustenance for the weekend meals I went up to the till.

Mr. O: *Tosses Groceries on the converyer belt*

Cashier Girl: Good Morning

Mr. O: Good Morning *smiles and continues to toss groceries on the belt*

Now what would happen next would be so hilarious and also a great demonstration of how witty I can be on a rare occasion.

Mr O: *Tosses a big bag of frozen meatballs on the belt and the bottom opens... Meatballs fly every where and without thinking I shout* MY BALLS! Oh dear they are all over the place.

Cashier Girl: *laughs at my exclamation* Now that isn't something you see everyday

Mr O: *chuckles*

Now who thought exposing my meat in public would be so much fun.

Mr O.