Saturday, June 7, 2008

Exposing my balls at wally world

After a long night at work I was excited to head home for a weekend with the little woman. After collected the groceries and sustenance for the weekend meals I went up to the till.

Mr. O: *Tosses Groceries on the converyer belt*

Cashier Girl: Good Morning

Mr. O: Good Morning *smiles and continues to toss groceries on the belt*

Now what would happen next would be so hilarious and also a great demonstration of how witty I can be on a rare occasion.

Mr O: *Tosses a big bag of frozen meatballs on the belt and the bottom opens... Meatballs fly every where and without thinking I shout* MY BALLS! Oh dear they are all over the place.

Cashier Girl: *laughs at my exclamation* Now that isn't something you see everyday

Mr O: *chuckles*

Now who thought exposing my meat in public would be so much fun.

Mr O.

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