Thursday, June 26, 2008

Possessed washing machine....

Woke up a little early yesterday night so I worked on some laundry and did the dishes... Before tucking the little woman into bed I stuck some more laundry into the washer. As I got ready to go to work I checked the washing machine in hopes I could stick the clothes in the dryer but they were still rinsing, which I thought was odd because I thought it would have been done by then.

After a long night at work and a quick trip to the grocery store to buy some flowers for my sweetie I came home. I walked in the back door (I do this to avoid walking through the living room which is right above the bedroom where my wife is normally still sleeping) and I hear the washer running. I think Well that is odd... I wonder what the little woman is doing up at 6:30am and what laundry she is doing... I head into the office and she is sitting there online which is what I expected, but she asks, "where did you go?" Of course I replied that I went to work but she thought that was odd seeing the washing machine running. She also could hear the puppy crying in his kennel which he will do sometimes right after we leave him to go out on errands.

I guess the ghosts of cleanliness thought that the load of laundry could us several more cycles to get throughly clean.

Mr. O

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