Thursday, July 31, 2008

Half Nekkid Thursday

I'm watching you!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince

I'm a kid at heart and I'm so excited about this movie coming out!!!

Wordless Wednsday

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Site Meter

Who would think that such a little thing as someone commenting on my blog would amuse me but it does... Waking up in the morning and having new comments makes me smile!!!

Now thanks to my good friend Smarmoofus I have another way to amuse myself... Site Meter. Now I can see how many visits I get and what part of the world they are from... WOO HOO

*hangs his head* I'm such a dork

Good Job!!!!

I can't believe I forgot to blog about this last week! I finished my training for the new job on Friday and I got 100% on the final test *does the happy dance*

So as of tonight I will be on my regular graveyard shift and I will be a real live trained person! YAY!!!!

Heads - Doctor

Turn your head and woof!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Yummy mouse

I know that Salazar can go months with out eating but I knew I would feel better once he had... Finally today he ate a live mouse!!! YAY!!!! Next week I will try and feed him a frozen one to see if he will take it (which I hope he does), but if he won't I guess I will have to buy a mouse every week. Which is fine. I"M SO HAPPY HE ATE!!!!

Now that he has shed and eaten for me I feel more like he is mine!

Edited to add: Here is a new pic of Salazar after his meal


I... I MISSED THE GARBAGE MAN!!!! *stops his feet in hissy fit fashion*

Normally it wouldn't be bad but I hadn't mowed the lawn, which also wouldn't be bad IF I HADN'T PUT OFF MOWING IT LAST WEEK!!!!!

Normally I mow the lawn every weekend and the clippings almost fill up the whole garbage can. I didn't mow last week so my plan was to mow as much as I could BEFORE the garbage man came so there would be room for all the clippings... but he came early *hangs his head* So now I have to bag it all up and try and fit it in the can over the next few weeks.

Maybe it doesn't matter because I just went out to mow and the grass is still too wet, and combined with it's length it's clogging up the mower. SO I will have to wait until it's 100 degrees outside and the lawn has dried. YAY FOR YARD WORK!!!!

Manic Monday 1

Every person you have ever slept with is invited to a banquet where you are the guest of honor. No one will be in attendance except you, the collection of your former lovers, and the catering service. After the meal, you are asked to give a fifteen-minute speech to the assembly.
What do you talk about?

How much I love my wife :)

What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Blog Blog Blog!

Are you a window person or an aisle person? Why?

Aisle... I'm 6'4" and I need lots of leg room!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Still won't eat

So my new ball python Salazar still won't eat. He recently shed which could be why he refuses to eat but I hope he eats soon. To try and get him to eat I bought a live mouse instead of trying to feed him a frozen one, but still he wouldn't eat it. A friend of mine pointed this story out and it made me think about the mouse Salazar wouldn't eat.

TOKYO - Gohan and Aochan make strange bedfellows: one's a 3.5-inch dwarf hamster; the other is a yard-long rat snake.

Zookeepers at Tokyo's Mutsugoro Okoku zoo presented the hamster — whose name is a tasty rice dish in Japanese — to Aochan as a snack in October, after the snake refused to eat frozen mice.

But instead of indulging, Aochan decided to make friends with the furry rodent, according to keeper Kazuya Yamamoto. The pair have shared a cage since.

"I've never seen anything like it. Gohan sometimes even climbs onto Aochan to take a nap on his back," Yamamoto said.

Aochan, a 2-year-old male Japanese rat snake, eventually developed an appetite for frozen rodents but has so far shown no signs of gobbling up Gohan — despite her name.

"We named her Gohan as a joke," Yamamoto chuckled. "But I don't think there's any danger. Aochan seems to enjoy Gohan's company very much."

The Tokyo zoo also keeps a range of mostly livestock animals, and promotes "cross-breed interaction," according to Yamamoto.

But Gohan and Aochan's case was "was a complete accident," Yamamoto said.
© 2008 The Associated Press.

Thematic Photographic: Monochrome Part 2

Fresh from the garden... There is nothing more satisfying than eating something you grew yourself

Weekly Secret

HEADS OR TAILS - Sit or Stand (Part 1)

With Heads or Tails the blog owner posts a topic for the week and you post in relation to that topic. If it's Heads you can do anything from pictures to stories that are related to the topic. For Tails you do exactly what is asked such as post a poem. In the case of Heads OR Tails you get to choose what you do.

This weeks theme is: "HEADS OR TAILS - Sit or Stand"... I thought I would share an amusing story. Apparently my post is too long so it’s split… See below

HEADS OR TAILS - Sit or Stand (Part 2)


The little woman and I met online and corresponded for months by phone and email before we met. I was so excited to meet her!!! I drove 12 hours the day after Christmas to meet who I believed was my perfect match (which she is). That first night I got there pretty late and I slept on a foam pad on her living room floor, but I didn't sleep well because her cats were very interested in playing with me. After spending the day volunteering at her work we decided to go down town for dinner, and walk around and see the pretty Christmas light displays.

To avoid traffic and paying for parking we decided to start our adventure with a trip on TRAX (the light rail train). It was kind of rush hour so there were quite a few people on the train, so we had to STAND. I need to preface the next part of my story with this... The little woman rarely carries a purse and when she does it's a small one at that. The purse hung around her shoulder and sat in front of her tummy, and since it was very cold her puffy winter coat was zipped up over top the purse. As we are STANDING on the train an older man SITTING in the seats next to the little woman turns to her and says "OH You're pregnant... Would you like to sit down." I have to tell you one of the things I love about my wife is she is very quick witted and often has very amusing comebacks and things to say. Her reply to the concerned man was "I'm not pregnant I’m just fat.” The look of horror on his wife’s face was priceless. What a fun first date story that we will laugh about for years to come!

Check out

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stupid Canadians!

For anybody who knows me or has read my blog (and I'm sure I am SUPER popular online) I'm sure you know that I'm from Canada. I joke around with friends and co-workers in the US about how I am Canadian by talking Canadian "I doon't knew what yur talkin' aboot EH" or by saying "Stupid Canadians" and laughing. I know that some people in the US don't like Canada and the opposite is true that some Canadians don't like Americans. People normally keep these things to themselves, especially in the company of the ones they dislike... BUT NOT ALWAYS

On occasion I meet someone who tells me how much they hate Canada and why, even when THEY KNOW I'm Canadian. I laugh it off because I'm a nice guy, but with the recent incident this guy wouldn't stop. He tells me where he has been in Canada and I reply, "Oh I'm from there!" and he demonstrates his lack of verbal filter (where you don't think before you talk).... "Everybody from there is a prick... I've been there and they are all pricks" I.... Ummmmm... WHAT THE HELL! WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT TO SOMEONE! Luckly I have that filter and I didn't say "Well it takes one to know one" or "If they are all pricks you would fit right in"

Yay for blogs... Great place to vent!

Mr. O

Friday, July 25, 2008

55 Flash Fiction

55 flash fiction is writing a story with a discernible plot and at least 1 character (doesn't have to be a person), using *exactly* 55 words. Not 54, not 56... exactly 55. This should be interesting!

He walked through the dew-covered grass as the sun rose above the trees, only the random chirping of the birds broke the morning silence. How peaceful. It was almost as though he were alone in the world, and sometimes he wished that he was… Sitting with his back to a tree Jeff began to write.

55 Flash Fiction - The Complete Story

Weekly I participate in a MeMe called 55 Flash Fiction Fridays. We write a 55 word story with at least one character. I've decided to make mine a continuing story and here it is.

He walked through the dew-covered grass as the sun rose above the trees, only the random chirping of the birds broke the morning silence. How peaceful. It was almost as though he were alone in the world, and sometimes he wished that he was… Sitting with his back to a tree Jeff began to write. ‘Dear Sarah, SCREW YOU… HOW DARE YOU THINK YOU COULD…’ Jeff stared at what he had written. With a grumble he cleaned the paper with his eraser and sighed deeply.

Jeff reached into his pocket and retrieved a small picture of a beautiful girl blonde girl and started to cry while he tore it up. Scattering the bits of the photograph on the ground he reached into his pocket to retrieve his ringing cell phone. His heart jumped when he read the caller ID, it was Sarah. He quickly answered but in a moment the pain came flooding back again, and he quickly hung up. Her second call was unanswered.

"I don’t need you" Jeff said to himself, knowing that no one was around. "You have him… why are you calling me." Jeff starts to dial her number, but coming to his senses and in a fit of anger he throws it as hard as he can into the creek.


As he walked back to town Jeff couldn’t stop thinking of her, but knew he had to. “I’m better off without her,” he said trying to convince himself.

Birds sang at the sight of the rising sun, and it was as if time stood still in the quiet town. A perfect place to start over. Jeff smiled with a sigh. If he could keep busy he knew he would forget her. He needed to.

It was early on a Saturday morning and there was little life on the streets. Passing the retro town diner he glanced in the window and stopped. She is so beautiful. She saw him and smiled.

Staring through the diner window he wondered if he should go in, but the rumble of his stomach made his decision. Jeff entered and found a booth in the corner.

As the beautiful waitress approached him Jeff read her nametag, Jacqueline. What a pretty name he thought as she said, “What can I get yah?”

The first thing that Jeff wanted to do was ask for her phone number, but he wasn’t ready. “How about some pancakes, with bacon and eggs,” he said to the waitress. “Anything to drink?” she replied. He almost asked for a Jack and Coke but realizing how early it was he just ordered black coffee.

As Jeff ate his hot breakfast he couldn’t help but watch Jacqueline serve the other customers, and every time she would catch him looking she smiled. Jacqueline approached the table and asked “Anything else hun?” Jeff smiled and shook his head. “If there is let me know,” she said as she handed him the receipt.

Leaving five dollars on the table Jeff walked towards the door, and smiled at Jacqueline as he pushed open the door to the diner. Starting down the street he noticed that the little town was starting to stir in the early hours of the morning, and he thought what a perfect little place this was.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My first Half Nekkid Thursday

This will be my first Half Nekkid Thursday and I am interested to see how this will go as I participate... The purpose of Half Nekkid Thursday is to post a picture, and as said by the creator of Half Nekkid Thursday that naked is different than nude. The pic can be anything, your ear, foot, toes, etc.... I'm sure others don't keep it PG but I will.


Where is a Popsicle when I need one!?!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wordless Wednsday

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photography Class

I know that my photography class was a long long time ago but I finally remembered to get my portfolio from the professor and I thought I would share them.

Street Photography


Urban Landscape


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good bye budda

My new job is very big on being healthy and they reward you for it. Discounts in the cafeteria for healthy choices, quarterly reward program you can apply for, 24/7 fitness center, etc, etc... I want to get healthy so it's a good motivation

I had an appointment yesterday with one of the people from the fitness center and he helped me set up an exercise plan. I told him my goals and that I wanted to work out from home and he hooked me up!

With the exercise plan, changing my eating habits with Atkins, and QUITTING CAFFEINE (I know sounds impossible doesn't it) I will start my path to becoming healthier.

Mr. O

Monday, July 14, 2008


The little woman and I have talked about this for a while but we wanted to get a snake, AND WE DID! Salazar is a Ball Python (Aka Royal Python).

I'm so excited! He is 18" long and weighs about 4oz. From what I've seen in my research I should wait for a week or so to hold him and make sure he's eating so he won't strike me in search for food.

Monday, July 7, 2008


I just started a new job at a local medical lab and I am very excited. For the training period they have two new employees asssigned to one trainer, and that seems to be a good way to ensure 1 on 1 time with the trainer. Well it's all good except for the OTHER new employee that I'm training with.

I'm sure most people know someone like this... Those people who think they know everything about everything and they desire to share their vast knowledge with everyone. She often makes comments trying to show how smart she is but ends up sounding stupid half the time. Several times she has also read ahead in the training while the training is talking and then she interrupts with "I know you haven't talked about this but I was reading ahead and I wanted to know what this is..." After doing that a few times the trainer told her to stop reading ahead or to keep her questions for the appropriate times.

After a few days with her the trainer has started to ignore her and directed the training more towards me... YAY

MY EYES.... THEY BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok most people aren't going to know who I'm talking about but I want to post about it anyway, for my Utah fans (and by fans I mean people who stumble upon my blog and have nothing else to do so they read).

When a local buisness called Totally Awesome Computers closed it's doors in 2006 I thought I would never again see a commercial with Dell Schanze (aka SUPERDELL). His obnoxious personality in commercials didn't make me want to buy a computer but to poke my eyes out. Now you have to hand it to him I have always remembered Totally Awesome Computers.

I have gotten into the habit of sleeping with the TV on because it drowns out the noise outside (I work graves so I sleep during the day). Well a while ago I was jerked out of a sound sleep to a horrible horrible sight on TV.... SUPERDELL AND ANOTHER COMMERCIAL!!!

As I was clicking around on You Tube to find this commercial I stumbled across his You Tube profile, and then.... HIS BLOG Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Dell Schanze/SUPERDELL) It's so fucking hilarious interesting to read, with quotes such as:

"I'm dead serious about running for governor"

"Ask God who you should vote for, I dare you!"

"Are you insane or are you voting for SUPERDELL???"

Oh and he also posts his phone number... *chuckle*

Mr. O

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nom Nom Nom

Weekly Secret From Post Secret.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Oooooooh fire!

Seeing this year was my first 4th of July that I didn't have to work I was excited to have fireworks. The little woman's coworker was cleaning out his house and he wanted to get rid of the fireworks and I was happy when she brought them home to me *YAY*

On the 3rd we popped my fireworks cherry and I exercised my inner pyro. Well I had so much fun I decided that we should buy some more. So on our morning outing to get groceries we also bought some more things to have fun with. The cool thing is we have enough to set off later this month on the 24th of July (Pioneer Day).


Mr. O

You may punch the bride!

We decided to set off fireworks the night of July 3rd.... I couldn't wait I HAD TO SET SOMETHING ON FIRE!

As I would have expected the fireworks drew the attention of the kids next door, AND THEN THE PARENTS. Yay for awkward conversations with the redneck neighbors! Since I was the one setting off the fireworks I didn't have to carry on a conversation, but kuddos to the little woman who was very nice and welcoming to them :)

In the process of talking to them we found out that our two neighbors had nuptuals planned for the 4th of July.... At least now when the mouthy little boy yells "YOU AREN'T MY DAD" at the guy he can reply "BUT I'M YOUR STEP DAD! *SLAP* NOW GET ME ANOTHER BEER"