Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good bye budda

My new job is very big on being healthy and they reward you for it. Discounts in the cafeteria for healthy choices, quarterly reward program you can apply for, 24/7 fitness center, etc, etc... I want to get healthy so it's a good motivation

I had an appointment yesterday with one of the people from the fitness center and he helped me set up an exercise plan. I told him my goals and that I wanted to work out from home and he hooked me up!

With the exercise plan, changing my eating habits with Atkins, and QUITTING CAFFEINE (I know sounds impossible doesn't it) I will start my path to becoming healthier.

Mr. O

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smarmoofus said...

Awesome! (Except the caffeine part... is that really necessary?)

Lots of companies are doing this now, because it means they get cheaper group rates on health insurance. So it's a win-win!