Sunday, July 27, 2008

HEADS OR TAILS - Sit or Stand (Part 2)


The little woman and I met online and corresponded for months by phone and email before we met. I was so excited to meet her!!! I drove 12 hours the day after Christmas to meet who I believed was my perfect match (which she is). That first night I got there pretty late and I slept on a foam pad on her living room floor, but I didn't sleep well because her cats were very interested in playing with me. After spending the day volunteering at her work we decided to go down town for dinner, and walk around and see the pretty Christmas light displays.

To avoid traffic and paying for parking we decided to start our adventure with a trip on TRAX (the light rail train). It was kind of rush hour so there were quite a few people on the train, so we had to STAND. I need to preface the next part of my story with this... The little woman rarely carries a purse and when she does it's a small one at that. The purse hung around her shoulder and sat in front of her tummy, and since it was very cold her puffy winter coat was zipped up over top the purse. As we are STANDING on the train an older man SITTING in the seats next to the little woman turns to her and says "OH You're pregnant... Would you like to sit down." I have to tell you one of the things I love about my wife is she is very quick witted and often has very amusing comebacks and things to say. Her reply to the concerned man was "I'm not pregnant I’m just fat.” The look of horror on his wife’s face was priceless. What a fun first date story that we will laugh about for years to come!

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Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Hahaha! This is really funny indeed! He's never ever going to offer his seat to another pregnant woman!

Mr. O said...

Unless I've been told that a oman is pregnant you will never hear me doing anything like that... LOL