Monday, July 7, 2008

MY EYES.... THEY BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok most people aren't going to know who I'm talking about but I want to post about it anyway, for my Utah fans (and by fans I mean people who stumble upon my blog and have nothing else to do so they read).

When a local buisness called Totally Awesome Computers closed it's doors in 2006 I thought I would never again see a commercial with Dell Schanze (aka SUPERDELL). His obnoxious personality in commercials didn't make me want to buy a computer but to poke my eyes out. Now you have to hand it to him I have always remembered Totally Awesome Computers.

I have gotten into the habit of sleeping with the TV on because it drowns out the noise outside (I work graves so I sleep during the day). Well a while ago I was jerked out of a sound sleep to a horrible horrible sight on TV.... SUPERDELL AND ANOTHER COMMERCIAL!!!

As I was clicking around on You Tube to find this commercial I stumbled across his You Tube profile, and then.... HIS BLOG Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Dell Schanze/SUPERDELL) It's so fucking hilarious interesting to read, with quotes such as:

"I'm dead serious about running for governor"

"Ask God who you should vote for, I dare you!"

"Are you insane or are you voting for SUPERDELL???"

Oh and he also posts his phone number... *chuckle*

Mr. O

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