Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stupid Canadians!

For anybody who knows me or has read my blog (and I'm sure I am SUPER popular online) I'm sure you know that I'm from Canada. I joke around with friends and co-workers in the US about how I am Canadian by talking Canadian "I doon't knew what yur talkin' aboot EH" or by saying "Stupid Canadians" and laughing. I know that some people in the US don't like Canada and the opposite is true that some Canadians don't like Americans. People normally keep these things to themselves, especially in the company of the ones they dislike... BUT NOT ALWAYS

On occasion I meet someone who tells me how much they hate Canada and why, even when THEY KNOW I'm Canadian. I laugh it off because I'm a nice guy, but with the recent incident this guy wouldn't stop. He tells me where he has been in Canada and I reply, "Oh I'm from there!" and he demonstrates his lack of verbal filter (where you don't think before you talk).... "Everybody from there is a prick... I've been there and they are all pricks" I.... Ummmmm... WHAT THE HELL! WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT TO SOMEONE! Luckly I have that filter and I didn't say "Well it takes one to know one" or "If they are all pricks you would fit right in"

Yay for blogs... Great place to vent!

Mr. O

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