Monday, July 28, 2008


I... I MISSED THE GARBAGE MAN!!!! *stops his feet in hissy fit fashion*

Normally it wouldn't be bad but I hadn't mowed the lawn, which also wouldn't be bad IF I HADN'T PUT OFF MOWING IT LAST WEEK!!!!!

Normally I mow the lawn every weekend and the clippings almost fill up the whole garbage can. I didn't mow last week so my plan was to mow as much as I could BEFORE the garbage man came so there would be room for all the clippings... but he came early *hangs his head* So now I have to bag it all up and try and fit it in the can over the next few weeks.

Maybe it doesn't matter because I just went out to mow and the grass is still too wet, and combined with it's length it's clogging up the mower. SO I will have to wait until it's 100 degrees outside and the lawn has dried. YAY FOR YARD WORK!!!!

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