Saturday, July 5, 2008

You may punch the bride!

We decided to set off fireworks the night of July 3rd.... I couldn't wait I HAD TO SET SOMETHING ON FIRE!

As I would have expected the fireworks drew the attention of the kids next door, AND THEN THE PARENTS. Yay for awkward conversations with the redneck neighbors! Since I was the one setting off the fireworks I didn't have to carry on a conversation, but kuddos to the little woman who was very nice and welcoming to them :)

In the process of talking to them we found out that our two neighbors had nuptuals planned for the 4th of July.... At least now when the mouthy little boy yells "YOU AREN'T MY DAD" at the guy he can reply "BUT I'M YOUR STEP DAD! *SLAP* NOW GET ME ANOTHER BEER"

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