Friday, August 22, 2008

55 Flash Fiction #4

This is my fourth 55 Flash Fiction entry. It should have been my fifth but working graveyard shift I tend to forget what day of the week it is... *slaps forehead*

I have decided to make this a continuing story so below is my current entry. To view the whole story Click Here

"I don’t need you" Jeff said to himself, knowing that no one was around. "You have him… why are you calling me." Jeff starts to dial her number, but coming to his senses and in a fit of anger he throws it as hard as he can into the creek.



Mona said...

yeah, try & call him now!

I bet he is going to go down & retrieve it from that creek soon enough.

I guess he is already feeling sorry for misplacing his anger on a machine!

What a waste!

Missy said...

talk about being frustrated! :) Great 55 O.

Have a nice weekend.

ciara said...

r u taking 55 lessons from mojo? LOL jk great 55 :)

G-Man said...

Temper Temper....
Well I'm glad you got a calender this week O..hehehehe

Anyway, thanks for the heads up, thanks for playing, and have a GREAT Week-End...G

smarmoofus said...

Yar! That's right... Jeff should take back his life, and so should I! GRR!


Akelamalu said...

That told her! :)

Great instalment.