Friday, August 29, 2008

The club of lost snakes

The little woman and I were chatting before she had to get ready for work and she came over to look at Salazar our Ball Python. "Ummmm Salazar isn't in there" she says with amazement.

So I proceed to pull everything out of his aquarium seeing if he found a new place to hide and I just couldn't see him... Nope he was gone. Of course I think the worse and assume he is gone forever, but I found him right where the little woman thought he would be. He was in his tanks stand curled up next to the power bar. I was so relieved!!!!! *puts bricks on top of the tank lid*

Here are some pics of the little dude.

Here he is taking a bath after his adventure to help him finish shedding


smarmoofus said...

Aww... he's really pretty. Except for that shedding thing. That's kind of yucky.


Mr. O said...

After his bath almost all of the dry skin had come off... YAY!