Saturday, August 23, 2008

Do you want a cookie?

For some odd reason I decided to give the dogs a bath today. Well I guess that the reason isn't so odd.... I can't even remember when the had a bath last. They don't stink and they aren't visibly dirty but I thought what the heck.

*Opens the "treat closet" and pulls out a clear bag full of dog cookies*

WHO WANTS A COOKIE!?! AH ROOO ROOO ROOOOOO says our Pug Gus. As I walk across the house and down the stairs to the bathroom Gus and Chloe are bouncing around me in a cookie frenzy excitement.

We get to the bathroom and without hesitation Gus leaps into the tub when I wave a cookie in his face. Not that he would avoid a bath.... Brings back memories of when he was little when the little woman was taking a bath and I hear screams from the other end of the house... "HELP.... BRING A TOWEL!" I walk into the bathroom to find the dog sitting in the little womans lap in the tub drinking the water. It wasn't her idea of a relaxing bath but the cuteness outweighed the fact she had a wet dog in the tub with her.

ANYWAY I digress... Gus is in the tub and Chloe is still waiting for her cookie while bouncing around. As soon as I turn on the water Chloe runs and disappears upstairs, but I really didn't think anything of it because I was now occupied with the bath.

Gus is finished his bath and I release him to run wild in the house, which he does every time I'm done giving him a bath. *Grabs another cookie* "CHLOE WANT A COOKIE!?!" *WHISTLES* "CHLOE COME HERE.... GET A COOKIE" Normally she would come running but I think she is a little smarter than she lets us believe.

So I go upstairs looking for Chloe and she is hiding under the little womans desk hoping that she would protect her. She wouldn't even come out for a cookie! So I had to take her by force so I could torture her give her a bath.

Now Shelly is the only dog left and her bath will take longer because I will have to brush her for about 30 minutes first.

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