Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who is this?

As I'm heading to work last night I feel my phone vibrate... I assume that it's the little woman sending me a last love text before she heads to bed and I start work...

But it wasn't....

Random Texter: How you doing beautiful?

I'm great who is this?

Random Texter: Johny you forgot about me? Tall dark handsome *and apparently full of himself*

Random Texter:
You don't remember me

Me: I haven't had this phone for long... Who do you think I am?

Random Texter: Sorry I just looked at the number saved the area code wrong and I almost sent pictures WOW so sorry.

It would be so very disturbing if he had sent me the pictures I thought he might send someone he calls beautiful.

1 comment:

ciara said...

hmmm a vibrating phone, a stranger, and some ALMOST random pics of said stranger...interesting night LOL