Sunday, September 21, 2008


What a rude awakening this morning....

The little woman bursts into the bedroom looking for clothes... "THE COPS ARE AT THE DOOR AND A HORN IS HONKING"

I throw clothes on, stumble outside and sure enough there are two cops and our car horn is honking. Apparently it had been honking for like 20 minutes. At least the neighbors tried to knock on our door before they called the cops, but we didn't hear them because we were both in opposite ends of the house. To make matters worse the two cops were being friendly with each other and stayed in front of our house for a good 30 minutes chatting...

The little woman called her mechanic daddy and told him our car is crazy and he will come over later to look at it. UNTIL THEN I've take the horn's fuse out so it doesn't piss off the neighbors while we are gone for the day.

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Liquid said...

Ahhhhhhhhh this kitty looks JUST like MINE!

Great post and a pleasure to meet ya!