Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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smarmoofus said...

hahha! Your Wordless post has left me speechless. Huh?! *giggle*

I never owned this as a kid. I had friends who did, and I always wanted to play, because it looked fun on the TV commercials, but my friends all owned it and had already tired of it, so... I guess it was actually boring? I dunno. I never got to play.

Happy WW!

geek mom said...

cute! :)

here's mine --

The Giant Chess Board

CK-II said...

Looks like a nice game to play. Happy WW! :)

mommyontop said...

My toddler will love this. I just hope he won't punt those little balls in his mouth. Fat chance. :)

Happy WW!

Gallicissa said...

Sweet! I prefer not to be around hungry and angry hippos.

Richard said...

Oh, man. The girls and I love to play Hungry Hippos. Happy WW!

Pamela said...

I can relate to that this morning.
Im starved.