Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Bumper Stickers

Found these three at work on the same car... I wonder what the last one means.


M said...

It's driving me crazy cause I can't find any references that have these two characters together for any reason. The first character is DEFINITELY 'hon' or book. The second character, its really hard to tell, but it looks like 'den' or paddy (rice field). Which makes no sense as a compound word, yannow? Maybe the stroke order is wonky and its meant to be something else in the second one. Or maybe they are trying to use the reading (pronunciation, instead of meaning) to make a proper name into characters. Who knows. *shrug* If you find out let me know!

Mr. O said...

Thanks for helping me M.... Maybe someone who speaks the language will grace my blog with their presence and we can get more info.