Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mr. O Likes Opposites

I saw this on my friend Smarmoofus' blog and I thought it would be fun. You enter your first name followed by “likes to”, the whole phrase contained in quotation marks. For me, that would be "Mr. O likes to". Then you share the results this search turns up.

My first search was Mr. O likes to without quotes and I came up with:

Mr. O Likes Opposites
Mr. O Likes Opposites. up. down. front. back. hot. cold. big. small ... night. day. moon. sun. long. short. weak. strong. Do you like opposites like Mr. O?

Then I did the same search with quotes:

I know Mr. O likes to keep it pithy, but who knows. Keep us posted.

This was super fun!

1 comment:

smarmoofus said...

Ahh, cool! And that reminded me to search my desired phrase, and it came up! "Smarmoofus likes to earn Mardi Gras beads" now points to my blog! Success!