Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bo Bath Time

I read somewhere that you should wait till at least 7 weeks to bathe your puppy, because before this time they are still gaining the ability to maintain a good body temp on their own.

I just gave my baby Bo his first bath today, because he had a diarrhea type accident in his kennel. I put him in the tub and went around the corner to get shampoo and he followed. I'm surprised that he was able to jump out of the tub. He didn't much care for the bath but once her learned that he couldn't fight it he settled in.

After drying him well we cuddled under the blanket to keep him warm, and then I laid him down on the recliner under the blanket for a nap. HE IS SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!

Hopefully the meds the vet gave will help him get better.

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