Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Doggy Adventures

I can't remember if I posted about this a while back but our daucshaunded Chloe got hurt. Even with her spinal injury she regained her ability to walk but she could no longer hold her bladder. Since we couldn't give her the care she needed we found her a new home and hopefully she is happy there. I was sad, and so was our pug Gus.

Since Shelly (our sheltie) is getting old and can't keep up with the energetic we decided to get another dog. Well we found the perfect dog. She was sweet, played well with Gus at the Humane Society, did well first day in her kennel, but that all changed on day number two. She became very possessive and didn't think any of the other animals were entitled to have contact with us. As many of you know we don't have kids and at this point our animals are like our children. So when the new dog tried to kill my baby boy Gus Gus there was no way we could keep her. She was an angel with the other dogs outside, loves people, loved the pet store, but she needs to be in a home with no other animals.

I cried when we took her back but I know she will find a home quickly now that the humane society knows how she is. I guess that will teach me to take the Humane Society's word for 'Good with dogs'.

They said we can choose another but her attacking Gus isn't a reason to get a refund. Maybe if she had killed him. Well I left a message for a manager over there and I plan to get my money back.

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