Sunday, June 7, 2009

Merging my addictions

Hello I'm a blog/Facebook-oholic. I'm addicted to blogging and to Facebook.

Recently I discovered Simplaris Blogcast on Facebook which allows me to automatically send my blog posts on Facebook. Also since my blog is confidential I can change the name of the blog showing on Facebook. The only problem I'm having is that Simplaris Blogcast doesn't post the blog posts in my News Feed or directly on My Wall. So my posts are stuck on some tab or in a tiny little box on the side of my Facebook profile. I hope I can figure this out soon because it would make me very happy!

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Rob Sauchyn - Simplari said...

Mr. O, first of all thanks for mentioning Simplaris Blogcast... much appreciated! As the proud sponsors of the tool, I know that the guys behind it are working very hard every day to continually enhance its value.

I'll be sure to pass on your recommendation to the developers. In the mean time, you could try importing your blog's RSS feed right to your Facebook wall, as follows. This should cause your posts to automatically appear on your wall and your friends' news feeds.

1. Go to your Facebook profile by clicking on your name in the upper nav
2. From on the 'Wall' tab, click 'Settings' on the right, just below the status update text field
3. Under 'Imported Stories -> Available Sites', you should see 'Blog/RSS'

Thanks again,

Rob Sauchyn
Simplaris -