Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Decepticons got my Transformer

The other day our power went out and after talking to the power company we found out that a transformer at a local substation went bad. We also found out that the power would be out for a while. After sitting around int the heat and putting meat in our freezer on ice in the cooler we decided to go for a ride.

So we got a Slurpee and then started driving around in the air conditioned car. When we were about to go home we got an automated call from the power company letting us know that the power wasn't going to be back on when planned so we kept driving. The wife thought that it would be fun to drive out to Copperton Utah to look at all the quaint little houses. Well we found several fun things while driving around.

What's the best addition to any yard? Did someone say tree with a face?

Or maybe it's a tree bear!!!

Too bad we didn't bring back a souviner of FREE PAINT, oh and a cup of lemonade.

After checking out all the quaintness of Copperton we headed home. As we were about to exit off the freeway I got another automated phone call saying the power was back on. Sweeeeeeeeeeet

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