Friday, October 23, 2009

Accidental Vacuum

At the begining of our last off week we got hit by someone in our parking lot at work. Damn it. Well I guess it wasn't all bad because we got a check from her insurance. So today we went off to Best Buy to do some shopping.

We hit the first store and we couldn't find a wall mount for our TV, because it's a normal one instead of flat screen. After looking for the stand without success we looked at the vacuums and found our faveorite. The Dyson D28 Animal, a machine of pure suckage!

Since we couldnt find our stand at the first store we decided to wait to buy the vacuum until we went to the second location. I am sooooo glad we did! The original price of this vacuum is $599 (which is the only con in my opinion), but we found an open model selling for about $110 less. *JOY*

I wheeled it over to electronics and proceeded to test vacuum the floor, which they were happy to let me do. "This machine is amazing, and at such a discount" I thought to myself. We checked with the sales guy and found out the 5 year warrenty wouldn't change because it had been opened, and that he would find all of the attachments for us. SOLD! They ended up giving us the attachments from the display, and we were off!

I came home so excited to vacuum, and I'm sure I will continue to feel that way. First I used the old vacuum on the living room, and then re-vacuumed with the Dyson. So much dirt and hair was left behind by to old vacuum! As I vacuumed I tested the manuverability, ease of use, and the functionality of the attachments. So much better then the old vacuum.

The Dyson has a telescopic handle, which was great for stairs, an I even vacuumed the ceiling fan. I also remembered the little turbine attachment for our Hoover, and how it's super speed brush spinning stopped as soon as it touched anything like carpet, or even a chair. The turbine attachment on the Dyson however was amazing on the stairs and our recliners. Not only does it suck, but the spinning brush fluffed the fabric so it looked like new!!! So happy!

I've been looking at online reviews since I finished vacuuming and there has only been one complaint... Size/weight/manuverability. Yes it is a bigger and heavier vacuum, but it's suction power far out weighs that con. Also as I compared it to my old vacuum, it's pretty much the same size, weight, and it's just as easy to maneuver. Well acutually the Dyson is easier to use because of fewer passes being needed, and the high power suction makes the vacuum pretty much self propelled.

Other cool features include lifetime washable hepa filter, amazing 5 year warrety, and the cord is so long I can vacuum the entire upstairs without moving to a new outlet.

So all around I give the Dyson D28 Animal 5 stars. Price would have got 4 stars, but we got a great deal.

Oh and I forgot to add that in the check out line the man behind us was raving about how he loved his vacuum. Everybody I know loves these machines.


Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

Mr. O said...

Feel free to quote me on your blog.

As for Twitter I don't have an account.

Anonymous said...

excellent points and the details are more precise than elsewhere, thanks.

- Thomas