Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Apple poop

When Gus was a puppy we felt with poop full of cherries, appricots, and bird seed that he found in the yard. We have been lucky with Bo because the appricot tree is dead and we didn't feed the birds this year. Still we have to deal with apples and it's not fun. The dogs love to hang out in the yard, and I'm sure it's because of the large selections of apples to eat. Unfortunately thus eventually turns in to stinky apple pie filling (aka apple poop).

Normally it doesn't happen on the carpet, but Bo does this in his kennel from time to time. Lucky for me he did it in his kennel today so I had a giant mess when I came home from work. After carrying him outside I grab a rake and a saw to attack the apple tree. I cutoff a large branch of the back neighbours apple tree that hangs in our yard, and then I raked all the apples I could out of the tree. I colleted a whole milk crate full of apples.

There are lots of apples left on the tree but I think pulling these down will be helpful. Now I'll have to go out everyday for a while and pick the ones that have fallen.

Damn you apple poop!!!

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