Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Lunchless Person

I went to go make some yummy scrambled eggs this morning and I was going to add leftover peppers from our fajita potluck at work. I pull out the bags and see bread in one, which isn't something you find in my house very often. I shout to the little woman, "We got someones bread in our bag... and their rice... and a carrot? OH CRAP I TOOK SOMEONES LUNCH FROM THE FRIDGE AT WORK!"


Dear Lunch-less Person,

I sincerely apologize for taking your lunch. I was in such a rush to leave after my long graveyard shift and didn't know where my wife put our leftovers. I saw one of our bags and took the bag next to, which happened to be yours. I AM SO SORRY.

I'm hoping that it was leftovers since your rice looked half eaten, and there was an empty string cheese wrapper in the bag.

I hope you'll forgive me and that you didn't starve at lunch.


Lunch Thief

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