Sunday, October 25, 2009

He attacked my baby

I took Bo for a nice long walk today, and nearing the end he was attacked. This dog was sitting just outside it's yards fence, and by fence I mean like a two foot tall piece of presswood. He ran at Bo, grabbed him by the neck, and shook him. I screamed and the dog finally let go. The dog tried to follow us but luckily it went back to the house.

I talked to a neighour and she said that the dog had attacked before.

I came home cleaned the small amount if blood off of Bo's neck and called animal control. They came and got a witness statement when I agreed that a citation needed to be issued.

The office went to talk to the other dogs owner while I filled out my statement, and when she returned she said he was pissed. He claims the dog has been in the house all day, and we would see him in court.

I have no problem with going to court because it sounds like this isn't the first time. Also, if the neighbor agrees we will have another witness.

We are about to go talk to the neighbor and hope she is willing to give a statement.

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