Sunday, November 22, 2009

An addition to my family

Most people who know us well could tell you that the little woman and I are crazy animal lovers. Well I'm sure that people who don't know us well would quickly tell you that we are animal people. Until recently we had 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 snakes, mice, rats, and fish. We decided that we needed to downsize so we found a new home for the snakes, and consolidated the mice into one larger tank.We also had to put down our oldest Shelly, who was my first dog and she was getting very old. It was heart wrenching decision but I knew it was the right thing to do. At this point we were left with the two dogs that were the perfect age to live out their lives together as best buds. Bo and Gus love each other. However something was brewing inside of us. Maybe we did what we did because we were sad to have lost one of our kids (Yes our animals are our children) or maybe it's because of the cute face of this rescue dog.

One day at work the little woman called me over and pointed out an ad on KSL.COM and I immediately said, "NO WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER DOG!!!" Walking back to my desk I had already started thinking how the little pug (pictured above) would be such a cut addition to our little family, especially since we have wanted to get another pug ever since we got Gus (our other pug).

Over the next day or so I found myself looking at the ad and trying to talk myself out of getting another dog, but I failed. We contacted to current owners and my wife set up some plans to meet to dog, have some play dates, and a sleepover. Since the play date was a week or so away the little woman emailed the family back and forth about a million times and we really had a good feeling about the situation. So we were super excited to go and meet "Charity" on Saturday.

We ourselves and the dogs ready and drove to the park where the meeting was planned. I fell in love almost immediately when the little lady was taken out of the car. Charity is the cutest little pug with some nice spunk/attitude. After chatting and interacting I was ready to get back in the warm car and head home, while waiting for about a week for the sleepover. Well something unexpected happened. The lady said that after emailing my wife back and forth, and meeting us she knew this was a perfect match. So it wouldn't put any additional stress on her family with a long drawn out process they offered to give Charity to us that day, since they had already decided. I WAS SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

So we ended up leaving with a new 14.5 lb, 2 1/2 year old addition to the family. Charity, who has been renamed Charity's Hunny (we call her Hunny) is fitting in great!!! She loves to rough house with the boys, chase the cats, and she has found her favorite person already. The current situation is Gus following my wife around and Bo (the Boxer) follows Gus around... So my wife has two little shadows, and we wanted Hunny to bond with me which wasn't a problem. She follows me around, cuddles in my lap while I watch TV, and she loves to play tug o war.

The only problems so far was her escape out the front door today, which was thwarted when she wandered into the neighbors yard. I closed the sliding chain link gate that covers the entire driveway, and she was easy to grab after that. Also she didn't like the idea of kennel training, but as we speak she is sleeping in the kennel new to me. *Side Note: Bo's audible gas is noxious... If I don't post again you will know it's because I died from the fumes*

We got Hunny a collar, name tags, kennel, and a split lead thing so we can walk the pugs with one leash. So neat!!! I LOVE MY LITTLE GIRL! I've got some pics here so everyone can see how cute she is:

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Anonymous said...

In my own defense, it was YOU who actually called and left the initial message for her previous owners. I was behaving myself (and not pouting or anything)!! :O

*acts innocent*