Monday, November 16, 2009

Disturbing Bumper Sticker

I like to collect bumper stickers and licence plate surronds on my blog, but I haven't seen anything good in a while. Today I say a few nice and disturbing ones.

Leaving work I saw "I might dance like a hoe but I'm a lady" and "I'm not aggressive, I'm assertive"... Nothing prepared me for the car below:

Looking at this cute Toyota Matrix you would think this person likes bike riding, but that's not all. The bumper on this car is home to a sticker that says "Caution: Driver Masterbating". To make things worse, we pulled next to the car later to see it was piloted by a 50ish year old Asian woman. Very disturbing. HAPPY MONDAY!

Edited on 03/07/2010 to add - Ok the amount of spam comments on this post were driving me insane so I have disabled comments. Dear Anonymous, Please die!

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MomsJournal said...

hahahahaha that reminds me of a license plate surround that I saw on a motorcycle. The surround only said, "Master" on the top and then the actual plate read, "Bates".