Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Doggy Park Fun

Yesterday was the last full day of our off week and after errands I thought we should go to the off leash park. Since it was Bo's first time I was very excited.

As we went to enter the dog park we were greeted by an aggressive barking pit bull mix, and a little min pin. Well I guess the pit was a little worked up because he grabbed the little dog by the head and started shaking it. The little dogs owner was screaming and hysterical while the aggressive dog's owner did little. When he finally pulled the dog away the little dog was hanging from his mouth. After the incident the little dog was whisked away by the upset owner. You would think that the aggressive dogs owner would also have left, but apparently the dogs owner was an idiot.

To avoid having our dogs attacked we decided to walk around the fenced off leash area until the moron left. While doing this we saw the aggressive dog attack two more dogs, so we walked back towards the park as I started to call Animal Control. Luckily one of the other dog owners had words with the idiot so he left.

After we thought the off leash area was safe we went in for some off leash doggy fun. Bo and Gus had lots of fun, and met a bunch of fun dogs. The little woman and I also met some really nice people.

On the way home the boys were sure tuckered out.

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