Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Erroneous Mr. O

As I work with my blog I decide to change different settings to best suit my/reader needs, and one such setting is the comments. Knowing I can delete comments on my posts I turned off moderation on all posts made within the last 2 weeks. For those posts that are older I have to decide to publish them, which is probably a good thing since most of them end up being spam for drugs or porn.

Well today I woke up to a comment on my post Sham-Hoe (March 31, 2009) waiting for moderation and I prepared to reject the spam, but low and behold it was a real comment:

Dear Author !
In my opinion. Your opinion is erroneous.

I laughed and laughed at the thought that some anonymous person called my opinion erroneous... Especially when the only thing that was real my opinion was "Vince Shlomi, better known as Vince Offer needs some lovin' too!" while the remaining post was a quote.

I may have to agree with the anonymous commenter after speaking with my blogging friend Smarmoofus. She pointed out that the Sham Wow guy seems to love himself enough, and maybe he doesn't need anymore loving.... Well whether he needs more loving or not, I still think that the anonymous comment is hilarious.

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Mr. O said...

After thinking about it I think anonymous is actually Vince Offer, the Sham Wow Guy