Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm a brain surgeon

I just spent a large portion of the day on this little project but it all turned out great!!!

My computer hasn't worked for sometime so I have been using my iPhone, or stealing my wife's computer from time to time. Finally I took it in to get looked at and basically they said parts of the motherboard overheated and melted. DAMN IT YAY! Also at this time the hard drive in the little woman's computer was going bad (but it was still working somehow). So I today I took the brain from my computer, put it in hers, reformatted, installed windows, installed a bunch of her most used programs, and now she is ready to go! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet Now I am hoping to transplant my ram into her computer, and make the DVD drive an external DVD drive.*crosses fingers*

Tomorrow I'm planning on going to get my new computer. Finally I will be able to blog with a real keyboard.


smarmoofus said...

Crafty! And efficient! How does Linz like the changes? Much improved? Now come upgrade my wifi card in my laptop, so I don't have to start over with a new computer.

*ponders getting a desktop...* Hmm.

Brian Miller said...

nice. hope you enjoy the new computer!

Carmi said...

Very cool science project! I love getting my hands dirty with computer parts, especially when I don't do more damage in the process.

It's why I, too, like to keep desktops around. Rebuilding laptops just isn't as viscerally enjoyable. Or even possible, most of the time. Desktops are like geek lego!

Mr. O said...

I'm enjoying my new computer and the wife is happy to have hers with a functional harddrive.

Smarmoofus you wouldn't want me to fix your anything because that's when I would break something.