Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Introducing A Tantilizing Meme

When blogging I seem to go in phases where I'm posting almost daily, to times where I don't post for months. My friends Smarmoofus and Erica introduced me to the world of memes, which are blogs or websites that prompt people to post something on their blog. Not only does it give you post ideas but it brings other meme participants to your blog, and who doesn't like more attention? :P Some of my favorite memes include Wordless Wednesday, 55 Flash Fiction, and PhotoHunt. My love for the memes grew to the point where I thought I should start my own, but it was hard to figure out a topic that people would be interested in and excited about. After brainstorming with the little woman we settled on the topic of FOOD, and with some planning and discussion Tasty Tuesday was born.

The meme Tasty Tuesday will give you weekly themes that prompt you to post videos, pictures, recipes, stories, random facts, etc. Since food is something everybody needs on a daily basis I thought it would be an easy and fun way to host a meme. For those of you who love to get in on things from the beginning you will have your chance next Tuesday (December 22, 2009). In honor of the holidays I thought a good theme would be Food Traditions. For a list of upcoming themes and instructions CLICK HERE.

So that's a little introduction to my new meme Tasty Tuesday, and I hope to see your post on Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Bring it on! I'm excited to participate. Food is definitely something I know about, after all, I eat every day. And it sounds like I can make my entry as easy or challenging as I want to. Yay!