Monday, November 30, 2009

Longest work week EVER!

I work in the medical field and I have a fantastic schedule. I work 7 days on (10 hour shifts) 7 days off, and I get paid for 80 hours. It's great! Some people hear about that kind of schedule and don't think they could do 7 days on, but it's not bad since we finish early on the weekends. When we finish early we go to the cafeteria to watch movies, play games, take a nap, etc. So it's almos like having a mini weekend even though I'm at work.

This week was a little much though. We finished 7 hours early on Thanksgiving, and continued to finish early for the rest of the week. So normally we have our really slow Sunday, or last shift on Monday, and then it's our off week but this felt like a week of Sundays.

Today is the last on day (THANK GOODNESS) and I'm looking forward to a week off.

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