Thursday, December 3, 2009

My New Friend

It's been forever since I've had a functioning computer, but finally my day has come. After some extensive computer work yesterday the little woman's computer is working again, and I went and got a Netbook. I am currently using my Asus - Eee PC Netbook (1005HAB-RRED001X). YAY! After some research it seemed to fit best with my computer needs and our budget. I can take it with me and I can also hook it up to my monitor, regular keyboard, and mouse so it will be just like a desktop. *does a happy dance*

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smarmoofus said...

Eee! That's the one I have! *hugs it* It's soooo light! And fully-functional! The only think I don't like is the layout of the keyboard... I get mixed up going between it and my full-size laptop. And... *mutter*... I just got a new full-size laptop today, so I'm having to learn a third keyboard altogether. Ugh! But don't you love your netbook?! Isn't it awesome?