Sunday, January 17, 2010

I got a Big Skinny and Cream!

Last Monday was my 27th birthday but I haven't had a chance to post about my nifty birthday presents yet. *hangs head in shame* My wonderful wife got me a cute little FSM Car Emblem and a new wallet. My wallet has always been an issue because I tend to hoard things in there which makes it HUGE. Well you know what they say about a guy with a huge wallet don't you? HIS LEGS LOOK FUNNY WITH A POCKET BULGE! I definitely don't need help making my thighs look any bigger :P With my old wallet even when I emptied it out put it on a diet it was way to big.

When I opened the envelope with The Big Skinny I didn't realize what it was at first because it was so thin, but I was excited to use it. I transferred all of my stuff into the new wallet and I was amazed at how small it was, especially when the new full wallet was smaller then my old empty wallet. Another big test was when I got dressed for work that night. I slipped the big skinny into my pocket and looked in the mirror (I know I'm that much of a narcissist), and you couldn't even tell I had something in the pocket. YAY!!! The only downside was when I would put my hands down at my side and freak out because I couldn't feel my wallet in my pocket, but I've retrained myself. Below is a video about the Big Skinny and I think it's lots of fun.

I have frequently shaken my money maker while holding my open wallet upside down, and I'm happy to say the contents stayed put. I have yet to try it with my bikini but I plan to when it's two piece weather :P

I also got a surprise gift from my friend Malynda and it's extra fun because it shows she is reading my blog. YAY! The topic for Tasty Tuesdays the week before my birthday was "Toppings", and I expressed my desire to own an isi Cream Whipper. Well what did I receive in the mail from my friend? A CREAM WHIPPER!!! I was excited to try it out but my cream was bad *cries* Before the expiration date even! Every visit to the store since then I have intended to buy some cream but I keep forgetting *bangs head on desk*. Today I plan on going grocery shopping and I won't forget this time because I just added it to the shopping list, which helps, unless I forget the list. LOL.

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