Sunday, January 17, 2010

School is back!

It seems like I've been slacking on the blog front this week! Well I had a good reason. SCHOOL STARTED! YAY! *does an educational scholastic dance* Wow I'm surprised that I can spell scholastic correctly this early in the morning.

This semester I'm taking Genetics and Organic Chemistry I. Genetics is an interesting class so far but the teacher is like an old robot droning on and on, but who knows maybe I will learn something fun. However if I have to draw another Punnett Square you might find me at the top of the clock tower on campus! Wait, there isn't a clock tower. Hmmmmm *thinks* Damn it! Maybe I'll just have to draw them and get over it. Edited to add: Ok I drew a punnett square and it was fine, but this one is more fun! The Punnett Square of Awesomeness.

I'm also taking Organic Chemistry, which makes some people cringe but for me it's not so bad because I LOVE CHEMISTRY! A few years ago I had enrolled in classes and I ended up dropping the classes after a week or so because my hiatal hernia was becoming problematic. Organic chemistry was one of those classes but I remember the professor and how much fun he was in the few lectures I attended, which you can see in my post Super Chemistry Man. Well Super Chemistry man is back and ready to share his organic goodness with us all... Wait, that sounded bad. Ummmm. His Organic Chemistry Goodness! Does that sound better?

While living in Utah I have had the experience of taking Trax (Light Rail Transit) but I haven't used the bus systems yet, but this changed the other day. As a way to save gas money and to avoid the $70/semester parking pass I had this crazy awesome idea to take the bus home from school. Since my wife and I work together near the campus I am having her drop me off at school on the way home from work (we work graveyard shift), and after class I will take the train/bus home. The first test run went boringly smoothly and it only took me about an hour. In the future I will have studying to do during my trip so it shouldn't be as boring, but I think it will work well.

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