Saturday, February 13, 2010

Your name is...

Sometimes I want to say bad things about people but I don't want them to know I'm talking about them. I know I'm a bad person for saying bad things about people, but you'll get over it :P To help with this I will often make up or adopt nick names for people so we can freely speak of them with out worry. This is often the case at work, because we don't want to create enemies in the department. Some of examples are:

The Super Hero - A very annoying opinionated person in our department seems to think its fashionable to wear a cape in the winter. Maybe it is fashionable but I just think it's hilarious, and she has been dubbed "The Super Hero". I do have to say that her cape goes very well with her hairstyle and outfits that seem to be straight from the Yearning For Zion Ranch.

Little Mrs Puffy Eyes - It's sad but lots of the young ladies in the area think that if they aren't married by the time they are 25 then they are failures. There is one such person that we work with and she is often crying because she hasn't found her a man. It could be because she is trying to hook up with the shift supervisor (who is married), or maybe it's because she has already planned her wedding, purchased the dress, and many other crazy things. Come on guys she has many great qualities, such as crying at random times, praying in the lab, and using excessive amounts of baby powder in her gloves.

Clock Tower/Serial Killer Greg - Since there are a few people in the department named Greg they also would associate them with other names like Canadian Greg, Girly Greg, The Other Greg, and the infamous Serial Killer Greg. Not only does he look like a serial killer, but he walks around mumbling to himself, shouts obscenities at people, has to have a specific ice bin at his desk, insists the blinds are up in the entire lab, and her draws creepy sheep on the ice bins. He was always rude and nasty to people that we work with, and I was always worried that he would come in to work and shoot us all after he got fired. Fortunately when he got fired (probably for calling his supervisor a "dirty whore") it was our off week, and I didn't see him back at work.

I have so many other made up names I could share but I would by typing this post for hours. Feel Free to share some of the code names you like to use with people around you.

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