Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Commited Tattoo

Last Sunday at work I was very bored when we ran out of things to do, so I was browsing the website for The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and I found this fantastic tattoo. Not only is this person insane devoted to the FSM, but they got a tattoo to prove it.

What's better then a tattoo of a Flying Spaghetti Monster you ask? Well it's a tattoo of a Flying Spaghetti Monster high-fiving Jesus riding a pink unicorn!

I have to thank Bobby Henderson for posting this, because it made me laugh.

Tasty Tuesday - Candy

Welcome to this weeks edition of Tasty Tuesday. Since Easter is fast approaching I thought that Candy would be a great topic for the week.

Long, long ago I was at the store with my friend Malynda and as we looked at the Easter Candy we wondered what that had to do with Jesus. After a short discussion we decided that chocolate must be "JESUS MAGIC", and from then on that's what we called it. The picture I provided is an example of Jesus Magic that I found at Wal-Mart and posted back in March 2009. So if you celebrate Easter or not don't forget to head to the store and buy some of that yummy candy on the seasonal isle. *drools thinking of Cadbury Mini Eggs*

Next weeks theme is Your Choice so join in and post anything food related.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekly Secret

Here is my weekly secret choice from Post Secret. This secret made me laugh because I have heard people at work talk about farting on multiple occasions at work. Since we work in a medical lab and there are the occasional poo specimens people blame their farts on the specimens. Tee hee hee. I WOULD NEVER DO THIS! *looks around all nervous*

Journey to the giant native

Today the little woman and I decided that we should take the kids for a walk, and by kids I mean our three dogs. Normally we will just walk around the neighbourhood but on occasion we like to go to a big park so they can see people and other dogs. We decided to go to a park that I hadn't been to before, but the little woman said that it was a very nice park, and was about the same driving distance.

We headed to the park and we walked, and walked, and walked. It was fun to look at the neat things the park had to offer, see the kids playing, point out old men who looked like pedophiles, and see the couples picnicking. One such couple we saw was sitting on a bench as we were journeying to see a giant wood carving at the other side of the park. I didn't hear my wife chuckle as we walked up, but we were both thinking the same thing as we approached these flamboyant men. The dogs visited with the people with food nice people and as we walked away I turned to the little woman to say, "They're not brothers," but I was too slow, because she said it first. We think so much alike!

We continued to walk and we reached the end of our journey as approached "Cheif Wasatch":

"This statue is in honor of Utah Native Americans - -

The little woman and I bid the Chief a fond adieu and took our tired kids back to the car for a quiet car ride home.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Silly stripper

I found this while nerding out on Geekologie. Soooooo funny.

Parody Goodness

Anybody that has followed my blog knows I love things that make fun of things. Even for Lady GaGa the Telephone video was crazy, and this Parody of it was hilarious.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tasty Tuesday - Frozen

In honor of Nation Frozen Food month we will be celebrating Tasty Tuesday with Frozen Food. The little woman and I have our regular lunch buddies at work and it's always fun to see what people bring for lunch. One day a while back I watched my friend unpack her lunch and I exclaimed, "ANDREA BROUGHT RED GOO FOR LUNCH!" She explained that it was freezer jam and that she makes it all the time. I thought it was a cool idea and that it would be a fun post for Tasty Tuesday.

I found this recipe at AllRecipes.Com

Strawberry Freezer Jam

Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 5 Minutes
Ready In: 25 Minutes


* 2 cups crushed fresh strawberries
* 4 cups sugar
* 1 (1.75 ounce) package dry pectin
* 3/4 cup water


1. Mix crushed strawberries with sugar, and let stand for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, stir the pectin into the water in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, and boil for 1 minute. Stir the boiling water into the strawberries. Allow to stand for 3 minutes before pouring into jars or other storage containers.
2. Place tops on the containers, and leave for 24 hours. Place into freezer, and store frozen until ready to use.

Now I'm craving jam on a piece of warm toast. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Join us next week for an Easter themed week with an entry about Candy.

Photo from Rosy Little Things

Monday, March 22, 2010

His noddlieness has been spotted...

His noddlieness has been spotted in Utah!!! I work in a medical lab in the Mormon capital of the world, and it is often slow on the weekend, UNTIL YESTERDAY!

It's was a wonderful Sunday at work and I was enjoying the fabulousness of it all. I stepped away from my desk for a moment and I came back to find a divine manifestation of his noodlieness and all of his glory! RAMEN my brothers and sisters!

As I pondered about this divine contact I thought that I would show my fellow workers how powerful he really was. Why just use a normal plastic face shield to protect me from splashing bodily fluids? Nothing will protect me from bloodborne pathogens like a Flying Spaghetti Monster!

I hope that Bobby and my other Pastafarians will rejoice seeing that the FSM is always watching.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dirty Kitty

This is my weekly choice from Post Secret.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tasty Tuesday - Green

In honor of St. Patrick's Day I wanted to do a Green theme for Tasty Tuesday, and since I'm in Utah I picked Jell-O. "In 2001, Green Jell-O was declared the "Official State Snack" of Utah, with Governor Michael O. Leavitt declaring an annual "Jell-O Week." During the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, the souvenir pins included one depicting green Jell-O." (Source) I don't think there is a funner childhood food then Jell-O! YES FUNNER IS A WORD! I looked it up in the dictionary.

Join me next week when we the theme "Frozen" celebrates National Frozen Food Month.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly Secret

This is my weekly choice from Post Secret. I chose this secret because I am an animal lover and I have seen the power of a loving pet so many times in my life. I remember when I was living on my own at school and I had tonsillitis, but my dog was there to comfort me. They seem to know when we are feeling down and need some love.

No Prom For You

A lesbian student who wanted to take her girlfriend to her senior prom is asking a federal judge to force her Mississippi school district to reinstate the dance it canceled.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi on Thursday filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Oxford on behalf of 18-year-old Constance McMillen, who said she faced some unhappy classmates after the Itawamba County School District said it wouldn't host the April 2 prom.

"Somebody said, 'Thanks for ruining my senior year,'" McMillen said of her reluctant return Thursday to Itawamba Agricultural High School in Fulton. (Source)

I'm sure many people have heard this story by now, and I'm sure that anybody with some sort of brain is saddened by this. It's not like they would be groping each other and making out on the dance floor for all to see, because that wouldn't even be allowed for the straight students. So many people are attacking this girl for standing up for what she believes in, and they say "Can't they be straight for just one night?" That's like saying to Rosa Parks, "Can't you just sit in the back one more time?" I don't think that makes any sense!

The topic recently came up on my brothers Hockey Forum and I applaud him for his reply:

I am going to preface this with the fact that I am a Christian.

It does smell of attention.

Imagine this hypothetical situation if you will:

Some preachy self righteous religious organization is in an area that has many gay and lesbian people in high ranking positions in society. All these people do every Sunday is try to go to church, occasionally read the bible in their own house and flaunt their heterosexual relationship in front of EVERYONE.

I am not just talking holding hands, but occasionally some of the younger ones go to clubs and you can see them groping each other!!! I think they might even be having sex in the alley behind the bowling alley. Now the gay community wants this all to stop, we can't have people flaunting thier sexuality like this, so they close all the clubs and cause a large public outcry of prejudice and hate every time one of those freaking hetros shows there face at a public function.

Finally someone decides that enough is enough, and they will not sit down and take this oppression like so many people before them have. They take their hetro partner out to the town sanctioned dance, where all there gay friends are and they want to dance like normal people and not segregated like animals.

Those freaking Hetros, all they want is attention!!

Well, that's correct, they just want to live their life the same way everyone else does, which doesn't involve hiding at home and never touching the person they love in a public place. Crazy hetros, can't they just be gay for one night to please everyone else?

Oh wait, that sounds absurd doesn't it?

I see so much stuff in the media and on Facebook saying how awful gay relationships/marriage are... Well if you don't want a gay marriage DON'T GET ONE! We should deny people the basic right of committing to their loved one under the eyes of the law, which would allow them to enjoy benefits as a person's spouse.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Doggy Dinner Time

Until now the only thing that I've envied about the iPhone 3GS has been it's ability to do video, and I've never understood why the 3G couldn't do it. I normally don't pay anything for iPhone apps, but when I saw a $0.99 app that would do video I couldn't resist. For my first video I will post Doggy Dinner Time!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tasty Tuesday - Pasta

Welcome to this weeks edition of CARBSTRAVAGANZA Tasty Tuesday! Pasta is one of my all time favorite foods, and being on a low carb diet you would think it a food of the PAST-A... *waits for the rim-shot*... *keeps waiting*... Okay that was an awful joke, but I had to say it. Well it isn't a thing of the past. YAY!

Normally low carb pasta is made of soy and similar things that taste nasty, but I found Dreamfields Pasta.

"Dreamfields is a delicious pasta with about the same high fiber as whole wheat pasta (5 grams; 20% of the daily recommendation), fewer digestible carbs and a lower glycemic index than traditional pasta. Its delectable taste and nutritional benefits make it a healthful option for people with diabetes and a flavorful, nourishing pasta for the entire family." (Source)

I know people would look at this pasta's nutritional information and think how can something with that many carbs be considered low carb? Well Dreamfields has an answer for that too:

"While the total number of carbohydrates is the same as traditional pasta, our patent-pending formula and unique manufacturing process protects all but 5 grams of carbohydrates from being digested. The Dreamfields fiber and protein blend creates a protective barrier to reduce starch digestion in the small intestine. The unabsorbed, or protected carbohydrates then pass to the colon where they are fermented, providing the same health benefits as fiber." (Source)

I know that sounds like a bunch of weird science type stuff, but I regularly eat this stuff and I've never had trouble. I love pasta and this makes me soooooooo happy.

Join us next week for the Tasty Tuesday theme Green.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Secret

This is my weekly choice from Post Secret.

Dear Anonymous,

When someone comments on my posts I set it so that the comments go up immediately because I am to lazy to moderate the millions couple comments I get a week. I do however get an email, and request to moderate comments on very old posts. I very rarely get comments on my older posts but I am so glad that I have set this as a moderated type of comment. Some old post comments are fun, like when Anonymous said "In my opinion. Your opinion is erroneous." Recently however, I have been glad for the email moderation option because I am alerted of any shenanigans that occur in the comment section. Since I started the blog I've had spam comments on my older posts, but in the past few weeks I've had about 10 comments awaiting moderation. These moderated comments have been unrelated to anything in the post, and normally make no sense, but they do have links to odd sites... Which I'm sure are filled with viruses and porn. Another odd thing is that almost all of the recent rejections have been comments made on my "Disturbing Bumper Sticker" post made back in November 2009. I don't know why these people comment bots are posting on that specific post but... Hmmmmmm... I wonder if it's because that post has the word masturbating? ANYHOO!

I can't wait for my next random spam comment. *turns off comments on "Disturbing Bumper Sticker"*

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Politically Correct Annoyance

I've always been a person who is politically correct and doesn't want to offend others purposefully, and appreciating peoples desires not to hear offensive words (like the "N-Word") I don't use it. Recently I've started listening to Slacker Radio at work and the songs played are normally not the radio edited versions, which means I hear some of these words often.

I don't understand how someone can say they are offended when someone refers to them using a derogatory term like that, and then they turn around and use the word repeatedly in their music. Or when attention whore celebrity blogger Perez Hilton can be so supportive of LGBT rights and then refer to someone as a *insert F-Word here*... Oh and I'm not talking about the "F-Word" that rhymes with duck. So I guess it's okay to use the derogatory terms if you are part of the group that finds them offensive.

New Bumper Stickers

It's been a while since I've found found some fun bumper stickers but I've found some cool ones in the last few days.

These ones remind me of a post I made last year titled Twilight Moms.

Tasty Tuesday - Pie

Welcome to Tasty Tuesday! When working out themes for Tasty Tuesday I looked at many of the National Food Holidays to get some ideas, and today is National Banana Cream Pie Day.

Growing up I never really liked Banana Cream Pie but I would always make it for dad related occasions (Father's Day, Birthday, etc) because it was my Dad's favorite. Since I don't like Banana Cream Pie something else quickly came to mind when I was think about what I should post.

Marie Callender's Turtle Pie is always the first thing that comes to mind when I think of pie, and one of the evils that calls to me when I'm trying to eat healthy. What could be better on a diet then a pie with a chocolate cookie crust, chocolate mouse filling, whipped cream, caramel, and topped with chocolate shavings. It's easy, creamy, sweet, and.... *drools* Mmmmmmmmmm. Now I want some sugary evil turtle pie. *cries*

Next week don't forget to join me for the theme "Pasta". I've also decided to change the posting time for Tasty Tuesday. With my work schedule I haven't always been able to post on time, so I am going to say that my post will be up by Noon (Mountain Time) on Tuesday. Thanks for joining in guys!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday Secret

This is my weekly choice from Post Secret.